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Our legal specialists know that when you're making big decisions in business, you benefit greatly from a guiding hand that ensures you're protecting your interests now and for the future.

Our team can assist you to make informed decisions - from getting into business and putting ownership agreements in place to share incentives that allow your employees to profit and efficient exit planning.

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Selling a business in the UK

Whatever your reasons for selling a business, it can be a lengthy and complicated process, whether the sale involves the sale of business assets or shares.

The seller and the buyer should consider which of these two options is best for them, as there are a number of implications for each.

Due diligence is an essential part of buying a business. This stage will enable a buyer to gain as much information as possible about the business they are hoping to purchase. Our experts have a wide range of experience in carrying out financial due diligence to ensure that our clients can make an informed decision.

At Duncan & Toplis, we support buyers and sellers of businesses to ensure that they remain compliant at every stage of the process. We can help you get the best deal, providing you with expert insights and advice for as long as you need.

Partnerships and partnership agreements

Our team of experts have helped many businesses navigate partnership agreement law to share the profits and challenges of business.

Every partnership is unique, as each party will have different requirements and expectations from an agreement. We work closely with you to understand and advise you on the best actions for your partnership based on the relevant law.

Our experts can help you draw up a tailored partnership agreement that suits your needs and that of the partnership - from silent partnerships to sharing different portions of profits based on investments and hours committed.

Existing partnerships without agreements in place should consider having a partnership agreement to formalise the arrangement and ensure profits, losses and liabilities are to be shared agreeably.


The finances of a business can make or break a company, so seeking professional advice to ensure you’re on track is a great way to share the responsibility with experts who can help you make sense of the complex world of company law and compliance.

Our team has extensive experience in a number of areas of company finance, including; shareholder agreements, articles of association and classes of shares, share incentives and share options, reorganisations, dividends and distributions, purchase of shares, share and bonus issue and joint ventures.

Private equity

Private equity is a source of investment capital that comes from individuals that buy stakes in companies, with the aim of earning a return on investment. We have a great deal of experience acting for investors as they invest or exit a company, as well as management teams involved in the process.

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