The specialists at Duncan & Toplis provide legal and probate services, such as Wills, Inheritance Tax, Lasting Power of Attorney, and more.


Our legal and probate specialists know that when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, you don't need the added complication of trying to understand the complexities of administrating and distributing an estate.

From collecting in of the assets to ensuring compliance for Inheritance Tax, our team will work with you to establish the best solution for your personal circumstances, offering a combination of services to help you to administer an estate yourself or to take on the burden completely.

Choose Duncan & Toplis Legal Services as your trusted legal services partner.

Why use our probate services?

Our legal team is used to working closely with the accountants, tax advisers, and financial advisers within the Duncan & Toplis Group to provide a joined-up, more complete service than our clients would receive through a traditional law firm model.

The team delivers a cost-effective and efficient service in even the simplest of estates and, where the estate includes more complexity such as a business, farmland, trusts, or technical tax issues, our experience of working collaboratively with other professionals stands us apart from other probate service providers.

We are on hand to help navigate you through the administration of estates and deal with assets as quickly and painlessly as possible - whether we are acting as professional representatives or assisting executors of an estate.

Our team will also consider whether there are any tax mitigation opportunities, both in the submission of the inheritance tax return and in terms of tax planning for the future, and ensure that you receive the right advice.

Our probate service may include:

  • Advising executors throughout on matters required to protect them against claims as a result of the estate administration;
  • Applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration;
  • Calculating liability to inheritance tax;
  • Collecting in of the assets;
  • Distribution of the estate to all beneficiaries;
  • Ensuring completion and submission of inheritance tax returns; and
  • Preparation of estate accounts

We also offer services to safeguard your future, including; Will Writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Revocation and Trust Deeds.

Deed of Variation

It is not uncommon for someone receiving the benefit under a Will to wish to vary their entitlement. They may decide to do this for tax planning, to settle a claim made by somebody who is unhappy with the Will, to fulfil a wish communicated to them by the deceased, or to correct unfairness.

If you are a beneficiary considering giving away or changing your entitlement from an estate, speak to one of our experts to see whether it would be sensible to do this by way of a Deed of Variation.

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